Arix, a company started at Yale University, uses innovative robotics technology, software and data analytics to automate the external pipe inspection process at refineries. The Arix solution significantly improves the corrosion detection process to prevent costly leaks.

Bench is a modern, online accounting service for small businesses. Bench removes the need to seek out a qualified bookkeeper or buy additional software, as both are seamlessly provided in the unified Bench platform. Powering Bench's service is its automation technology that eliminates most of the manual labor involved in bookkeeping. This allows the Company to deliver a scalable and high quality bookkeeping service through a SaaS platform, at a highly disruptive price.

Classtag, based in New York City, provides a free messaging and collaboration platform for teachers and parents. It allows teachers and parents to work closely together to support student success, while unlocking free supplies and other resources from Classtag partners.

Clothes Horse is a New York City based startup company offering a solution to online clothing retailers to better predict sizes and fit for their customers. The service recommends product sizes based on a shopper's body details and favorite clothes, which empowers shoppers to make more confident purchase decisions leading to better conversion rates, more sales, fewer returns, and increased loyalty. In November 2014, the company was acquired by Fits.me. In July 2015, Fits.me was acquired by Rakuten.

Compyl, based in New York City, is a comprehensive end-to-end information security and compliance automation platform. Compyl continuously consolidates information to streamline regulatory compliance, security intelligence, and organizational control.

Contently, a New York City based company, is a marketplace that connects professional writers with publishers in need of high quality content. Contently also provides a technology platform that helps brands-turned-publishers and media companies streamline and more efficiently manage their editorial operations.

Covr enables a new way to buying insurance. The Covr platform is provided to financial institutions and advisors so that they can seamlessly provide their customers with access to life insurance and long term care insurance policies from well-known, dependable insurers, without the confusion and aggravation of traditional insurance purchase processes. Covr features a simple online interface that lets consumers find information, calculate their specific needs, compare coverage, get quotes and purchase policies.

Cutover provides a SaaS Enterprise Change Management platform that orchestrates humans and technology at pace by enabling planning and execution of critical change events including release, resiliency and transformation.

Cylera, based in New York City, leverages machine learning and advanced analytics to defend and manage the many different healthcare devices within hospitals that are critical to providing safe and continuous patient care.

Datadog, a New York City based company, is a cloud-based service that brings together all metrics and events from your systems, applications and cloud providers into one convenient place so that engineering and operations teams can better collaborate, understand the data and act upon it. The company is led by senior technology leaders from Wireless Generation. In September 2019, the company went public on Nasdaq (NASDAQ: DDOG).

Degreed is an education technology company that enables continuous learning and skills development within an enterprise. Sold as a SaaS solution into medium to large employers, the platform curates and pushes relevant content including courses, videos, articles, books, podcasts and experts from thousands of sources, including the LMS. The content is on-demand to allow users to keep their skills current based on business objectives.

Dexai Robotics, based in Boston, MA, is an AI robotics company that developed a collaborative robot trained as a sous-chef to help automate commercial kitchens and fast casual restaurants.

Dstillery is a New York City based company that provides major marketers with transformative analytics and marketing insight that delivers targeted messages to customized consumer audiences using social graph data. Dstillery is led by a former senior executive from Google, who ran Google Search and Analytics.

Edgecase, based in Austin, Texas, is focusing on the next generation of the digital shopping experience. The company's solutions empower online merchants to offer their shoppers faster, customized onsite search to lead to greater satisfaction and higher conversion rates. In June 2017, the company was acquired by GroupBy.

Ellevest, a startup based in New York City, is a digital investment platform focused on women. The Company is still in development. The Company is founded by Sallie Krawcheck and Charlie Kroll.

EvermedTV, based in New York City, is a platform that hosts and aggregates online medical conferences, which enables healthcare personnel to consume original conference content on demand, from work or home.

EveryScreen, based in New York City, extends its clients' successful digital campaigns across any IP connected device. The Company has built a real time bidding platform specifically for mobile, and offers scale, targeting and data enhancements typical of large scale online campaigns. In July, 2013, the company was acquired by Dstillery.

>FanBank, based in Los Angeles and New York City, is a marketplace where national brands and local, independent businesses come together to engage consumers in a new way. Through FanBank local businesses are able to take advantage of an array of marketing collateral and programs which help them generate sales, consumer excitement and loyalty.

Fevo, based in New York City, is a social buying platform changing how groups pay for and attend their favorite events. The Company is initially focused on the professional sports sector where through Fevo teams and venues are able to sell more seats and significantly reduce friction for their sales teams and customers. Fevo is now utilized by over 150 professional sports and college teams.

FieldLens, a New York City based company, provides a mobile based construction management solution. The Company provides a communication platform that enables everyone on a construction project to create, communicate and resolve issues instantly from anywhere, linking together mobile devices and desktops for better real time communication. In June 2017, the company was acquired by WeWork.

The FinTech Innovation Lab, based in NYC, gives early and growth-stage fintech companies the platform they need to develop, trial and prove their value proposition alongside the world's leading banks through a 12-week mentorship program. Financial services companies supporting the Lab include: Ally Financial, American Express, Bank of America, Barclays, Capital One, Citi, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Guardian Life, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, New York Life, State Street Corporation and UBS.

Glean, based in New York City, uses artificial intelligence to better understand and manage vendor expenses.

HowGood, based in New York City, provides a rating system for the food products carried in grocery stores. The Company provides consumers with trustworthy and objective knowledge of the true origin of the ingredients within their food. HowGood compiles a numerical score from dozens of attribute categories, and the score is displayed on the store shelf for each item.

Kingfield, based in New York City, is a platform focusing on making the global custodial segment of the financial industry more efficient.

LeagueApps is a New York City based sports management and communication platform. LeagueApps enables local sports organizers to create and manage any field based sports experience by providing a comprehensive platform to automate their workflow, with a focus on registration, management and communication.

LendingFront, based in New York City, provides a software platform to banks and credit unions that enables them to underwrite, originate and service small business credit.

LogCheck, based in New York City, provides a mobile SaaS platform for maintaining electronic records for physical buildings and plants. The solution replaces paper based log books and systems, and offers far greater efficiency and insight than the current manual alternative. In June 2021, the company was acquired by Building Engines.

Modelshop, based in New Jersey and New York City, is an enterprise platform that automates mission-critical analysis by quickly moving enterprise wide analyses off spreadsheets and into a collaborative, scalable and real-time environment - increasing accuracy, visibility, and productivity without coding. Modelshop enables business analysts to use a single platform to model decisions, simulate outcomes and deploy real-time applications.

Movable Ink, based in New York City, is the first real-time platform for email marketing. Movable Ink helps businesses make their email campaigns more effective and increases conversions through the use of real-time optimization within the content of the email. Movable Ink’s technology allows marketers to update email content and offers dynamically at the moment when emails are opened by the recipient.

MuukTest, based in Raleign, NC, is a codeless software testing platform, which uses machine learning to easily create, execute and manage automated tests.

Narmi, based in New York City, is a technology platform that helps banks and credit unions deliver a modern mobile and online banking experience to their customers.

Octane, based in New York City, serves as a point-of-sale marketplace that connects dealers with lenders in the powersports, boats, and RV markets. The company partners with lenders to efficiently increase their powersports lending portfolios and to match dealers with targeted funding sources for their customers. The company also partners with insurance and backend providers to help streamline this process for dealers.

Oggifinogi is a New York City and Seattle based rich media advertising platform. Oggi provides direct marketers and brand advertisers the ability to deeply engage with their viewers by integrating video and other rich media content into standard ad units. The company provides clients with extensive functionality, creative, flexibility, analytical data and transparency related to their rich media advertising spend. Oggi is led by a technical leader with prior senior management experience at Amazon, Microsoft and Borland. In February 2011, the company was acquired by Collective Media.

Olapic, based in New York City, is an enterprise SaaS platform for collecting, curating and showcasing customer photos on ecommerce websites. The SaaS platform collects photos and videos from social media sites including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Vine, Twitter and Tumblr to help retailers and brands engage customers while significantly increasing sales in a more authentic online shopping environment. In July 2016, the company was acquired by Monotype.

OnDeck is a New York City based financial services technology platform. OnDeck uses data aggregation and electronic payment technology to evaluate the financial health of small and medium sized businesses and efficiently deliver capital to this market that is underserved by banks. To date, OnDeck has deployed over $800m in capital to tens of thousands of businesses across 700 industries. In December 2014, the company went public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: ONDK).

OnRamp, based in Boston, makes customer onboarding easy for high-growth customer success teams. With its embeddable customer portal, configurable templates, and rich analytics, the platform helps implementation teams provide white-glove customer experiences at scale while cutting out the usual busywork and lack of visibility.

OwnEnergy is a New York City based renewable energy company that enables landowners and communities to build and profit directly from their own local wind farms. Using this approach provides partial ownership and more income to landowners than a typical wind land lease and allows them to control the process. OwnEnergy is led by a team with industry leading experience in developing and financing renewable energy projects. In August 2015, the company was acquired by EDF.

Pandium, based in New York City, is a white-label platform that empowers engineers to easily develop, deploy and support the integrations they provide to their customers.

Partsimony, based in New York City, is a cognitive manufacturing supply chain platform for organizations building complex hardware products that leverages transactional data to provide deep insights around manufacturer discovery, design intent, and supply chain resilience.

Pathgather, a NYC based company, is a learning and collaboration platform that improves the reach, effectiveness and engagement of clients' existing learning management systems. The Company connects a clients' existing learning systems alongside the best content online, and provides a single, simple, search experience for their entire workforce. Pathgather also enables employees to showcase their expertise by recommending content, sharing progress, and providing feedback. In June 2018, the company was acquired by Degreed.

Pendo is a comprehensive product management platform built for product teams. The platform combines rich customer and user analytics with the ability take action and increase customer engagement, thereby enabling teams to continuously improve their product experience. With Pendo, organizations are able to reduce the product development waste and increase customer acquisition and retention.

Perygee, based in Boston, is a no code enterprise security platform.

Punchbowl Software is a Boston based company that provides a sophisticated web application for end-to-end invitation, event and party planning needs. The Company's proprietary design studio is part of a tailored workflow, which provides flexibility and optionality at each step of the event planning process. The solutions are provided direct to consumers as well as white-labeled to other commerce sites. The company was founded by software and user interface experts, who have prior management experience at Adobe Systems and Bose Corporation. Contour exited the investment in January 2020 through a recap transaction.

Quirky was a New York City based company that uniquely harnessed the crowd sourcing capabilities of the internet to accelerate the creation, development and launch of consumer products. With the help of a global community, the company was able to rapidly design, manufacture and distribute products. The Company's algorithms recognized all significant contributors and awards a share of the product's gross profit to them.

Qwiki is a New York City based startup pioneering a new media format that makes consuming information online a more personal and interactive experience. Qwiki allows any user to easily combine images, videos, maps, real-time tweets, and spoken narration into an interactive story. In July, 2013, the company was acquired by Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO).

Radius Networks, based in Washington D.C., provides beacon hardware and software for large global enterprises that want to enable proximity based interaction/communication with their customers as well as better understand the physical behavior and patterns of their customers on premise.

Routehappy, based in New York City, is the travel industry's first flight experience search engine and expert rating system for air travel, helping flyers find the best possible flights every time they fly. Routehappy offers a detailed comparison of amenities by flight on the world's top airlines and most popular routes, targeted tips from real flyer experts and a fun and social way to share air travel experiences. The founder has deep expertise in the travel industry and was previously a senior executive at Travelocity. In February 2018, the company was acquired by ATPCO.

Scratch Music Group is a New York City based music and technology company. Scratch has built the largest national team of heavily screened marquee DJs, which it utilizes for thousands of weddings, corporate events, tours, and music festivals each year. The company also runs the Scratch DJ Academy - the first and leading DJ and music production learning center, with locations in NYC, Miami, and LA. The company recently released its first software product, Scratch DJ Academy MIX!, which is currently being sold in over 500 Best Buy stores nationwide.

Scripta, based in Boston, helps self-insured employers take control of their pharmacy benefit spending. The Company analyzes every PBM transaction and delivers transparency, cost-control, vigilance, and material savings to payers and employees.

Sendence, based in New York City, is a platform for building and processing real time applications at scale within a highly distributed infrastructure. Sendence enables data intensive web and mobile applications to run ten times faster than other solutions while providing the differentiated combination of integrated state management and autoscaling.

Sharebite, based in New York City, is an enterprise platform providing businesses with compliance tools to improve the food ordering process while managing expenses and employee engagement related to food.

Shelf, based in Stamford, CT, helps companies manage content for enterprise scale contact center teams and then allows those teams to quickly find the information they need, at the moment they need it.

Shipyard, a New York City based company, removes the complexity of creating and managing an unlimited number of ephemeral development environments. Shipyard seamlessly integrates into a company's existing development workflow and enables engineers and product managers to rapidly build, share, test and deploy applications and product updates.

ShopKeep, a New York City based company, is an end to end and affordable platform for running a retail shop from an iPad. Backed by the industry's best customer support, ShopKeep's iPad app rings sales, prints receipts, and processes credit cards through its scaleable and fast platform. It also manages inventory, reports, and customers from anywhere and without any extra hardware. In November 2020, the company was acquired by Lightspeed POS (NYSE: LSPD).

Sigma Ratings, based in New York City, is a counterparty risk platform that leverages machine learning and deep domain expertise to enable automated entity-level risk benchmarking and ongoing monitoring at scale.

Simpli.fi, based in Boston and Fort Worth, is a leader in search retargeting. Simpli.fi offers an online advertising platform that brings together the efficiency and efficacy of keyword-based search marketing with the reach and brand impact of display to create a new category of search-informed display advertising. The company was founded by a team of successful operators and entrepreneurs from the ad-tech industry. In September 2017, the company was acquired by the private equity firm GTCR.

Skopenow, based in New York City, provides an automated solution for quick, relevant, and intelligent social media investigations to help enterprise clients detect fraud and evaluate risk in real time.

Slice, based in New York City, provides marketing and e-commerce solutions for independent pizza shops across the United States. Pizza shop owners use the Company's platform to power their websites, online orders, mobile access, and billing and collection.

SmartAsset, based in New York City, uses proprietary models and data to provide simple, easy to understand answers to complex financial questions for consumers. On its own site, and at sites where SmartAsset's content is syndicated, the content draws large engaged audiences with attractive demographics.

Source3, based in New York City, provides a platform for enterprise licensing and distribution of 3D printed content. The Company facilitates the aggregation, distribution, and licensing of 3D printed content through customized licensing tools for creators, brands, marketplaces, service bureaus and other 3D innovators. In July 2017, the company was acquired by Facebook (NASDAQ: FB).

Splash, based in New York City, is a SaaS platform that provides end to end event marketing technology. Splash enables marketers to reach and connect with target audiences in person, efficiently scale event programs and connect event-driven engagement to business results.

Stardog, based in Washington, D.C, is an enterprise graph based data platform that virtualizes structured and non-structured data within an enterprise.

SwapDrive is a Washington, DC based company that provides a remote file backup and storage solution, delivered through well known global channel partners. The service allows consumers and small businesses to remotely backup, store, share, and access critical information more easily, reliably and efficiently, with the highest levels of security and availability. In June 2008, the company was acquired by Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC).

Syndio, based in Seattle and New York City, provides an enterprise SaaS solution to mid market and enterprise companies that analyzes pay equity within their worker teams. Syndio's results uncover undiscovered pay gaps and provide a strategy to close the gaps and prevent them from recurring.

Tattle, based in New York City, provides restaurants and merchants with an enterprise platform to identify and act upon customer feedback trends in real time based on comprehensive, actionable and continuous customer data collection.

Ticketfly is a San Francisco and New York City based online ticketing and marketing platform for live venue operators, music promoters and artists. Ticketfly provides comprehensive ticketing fulfillment solutions along with customer relationship management, website creation, email marketing and social marketing functionality. Tickefly is led by the founders of TicketWeb, the first web-based ticketing company. In October 2015, the company was acquired by Pandora (NYSE: P)

Tilt, based in New York City, is an enterprise platform that provides continuous feedback to software engineers during the development process, making engineers far more productive throughout the coding process.

TodayTix, based in New York City, sells last-minute theater tickets at the best prices via its website and mobile app. The company operates in eleven cities covering over 450 theaters, and continues to expand into new cities. It currently serves New York City, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago and Toronto. In May 2019, the private equity firm, Great Hill Partners, acquired a majority stake in the company.

Treeswift, based in Philadelphia, is building the next generation of forest monitoring systems through the use of drones and software. Their services are used in carbon capture estimation, timber value estimation, deforestation monitoring, advanced growth forecasting, and forest management.

Trialjectory, based in New York City and Connecticut, uses software and AI to create a proprietary accurate/searchable database of cancer clinical trials to help cancer patients find appropriate clinical trial matches.

True Office, based in Boston, is a regulatory and compliance based training platform that addresses the increasing importance of enterprise gamification in business critical areas. The company creates data-rich, mobile games that help companies reduce risk and save money, transforming mandatory compliance training into a fun, intelligible and quantifiable experience. In November 2014, the company was acquired by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: ICE).

Uplevel, based in New York City, redefines security automation by using graph theory for real-time alert correlation thereby helping security operations teams be more informed and efficient.

Voxy is a New York City based company that uses sophisticated technology, live tutors, and state-of-the-science pedagogical principles to teach English learners worldwide, across any device. Voxy's platform leverages proprietary, adaptive technology to turn real-world, authentic content into personalized, contextual learning activities based on a learner's interests, routines, goals, learning style, and usage behavior.

Voyant Photonics, based in New York City, is developing a powerful, inexpensive 3D sensor based on laser technology (Lidar), that can fit on a small semiconductor chip. These chips will make cars, drones, robots, factories, and even mobile phones smarter and safer by sensing the environment around these objects and smartly interacting or responding to it.

WAVE BL, based in Tel Aviv and New York City, operates a proprietary platform on the blockchain to digitize Bills of Lading and all trade-related documents for shipping in the world wide supply chain. Clients use WAVE BL to replicate the validity and trust that original paper documentation can provide in an entirely digital format that removes the real world costs of transportation, downtime, fraud, and loss.

Wayscript, based in New York City, is a rapid development platform for software engineers focused on internal tooling and provides a centralized hub across the enterprise for internal tools.

Wrapify's out of home logistics and advertising solution enables drivers to earn hundreds of dollars per month by permitting brands to advertise on their cars. Advertisers get access to powerful tracking, analytics, direct attribution and reporting that helps them reach a custom geo-targeted out-of-home audience.

Wunderkind, based in New York City, is a SaaS solution for reducing the pervasive problem of site abandonment. The technology recognizes when a browser is about to leave your webpage, and it initiates a rules based and customized offer box at the right moment to maximize conversion.

YellowJacket is a New York City based financial technology firm that provides a secure communication, trading and market data platform for the over-the-counter energy derivatives market. YellowJacket uniquely supports the high volume, volatility and complexity of the OTC energy markets by enhancing the way energy traders harness market data and collaborate both internally and with counterparties. In February 2008, the company was acquired by InterContinental Exchange, Inc. (NYSE: ICE).

yhat is a New York City based cloud platform that provides a middleware layer to data scientists to enable them to more effectively deploy and manage their models in production. Through yhat data scientists can train, deploy, update and delete models and change features and algorithms running in production on the fly without any downtime. The company was founded by former product managers at OnDeck, another Contour portfolio company. In June 2017, the company was acquired by Alteryx (NYSE: AYX).